Hello, all. I have been an "on again, off again" GigaStudio user for a few years now. When I'm "on again", it's because I love the sample quality of the various libraries that I have purchased. When I am "off again", it is because of the frustration that inevitably always seems to occur with system crashes, blue screens, driver load failures, msg32 errors, etc. This has happened to me with three different workstations and on every GigaStudio version from 2.5 to 3.12. Right now, I am "off again".

Because of recent changes in my life, I no longer have the time to go through all of the exhaustive troubleshooting and system modifications and "dumb downs" that GigaStudio forces me to go through (disabling hyperthreading, reverting back to WinXP SP1 form SP2, disabling drivers, etc.).

Because of the life changes referenced above, I am no longer a "working" musician. This is now my hobby and my needs are simple. I like to write, arrange and record fairly simple arrangements, usually not more than a dozen or so different instruments, plus some live vocal, sax and MIDI wind controller tracks. My GS sample library includes Matt Ragan's acoustic guitars, Dan Dean solo strings, Conexant GM500, Sonic Implants Amps & Pickups, GigaPiano, and the generous content that came with GS3 Orchestra.

I recently purchased a Tascam US-122 interface with GSIF2 that came with a copy of GigaStudio LE. So here is my question, assuming that I only need to use a half dozen to a dozen instruments at any given time:

Q: Am I better off from a simplicity and stability standpoint to use GigaStudio LE as opposed to GS3 Orchestra?

Q: Am I better off from a simplicity and stability standpoint to use something else, like Kompakt or Halcion to play my Giga samples?

Q: What would I be sacrificing by using any of the above options?

My workstation setup is as follows:

Pentium 4, 3.0ghz w/ HT, 2GB RAM, two IDE 120GB hard drives, two SATA 80GB hard drives, ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro video, Tascam US-122 MIDI/Audio interface, Gigabyte 8IPE1000G MOBO w/ Intel 865PE chipset.

Other software that will run on the same system:

Sonar 4 Studio, Project 5, Dimension Pro, SampleTank 2.1, Acid 5, Sound Forge, Vegas, Antares Kantos and Auto Tune 4.

My priorities are stability and simplicity without having to mess with configuration settings and drivers everytime I want to use my Giga libraries. My time is valuable, so I need to spend it on being creative as opposed to tweaking and troubleshooting. I am not interested in editing samples, either. I just want to play.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.