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Topic: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

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    Question Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    Hello, all. I have been an "on again, off again" GigaStudio user for a few years now. When I'm "on again", it's because I love the sample quality of the various libraries that I have purchased. When I am "off again", it is because of the frustration that inevitably always seems to occur with system crashes, blue screens, driver load failures, msg32 errors, etc. This has happened to me with three different workstations and on every GigaStudio version from 2.5 to 3.12. Right now, I am "off again".

    Because of recent changes in my life, I no longer have the time to go through all of the exhaustive troubleshooting and system modifications and "dumb downs" that GigaStudio forces me to go through (disabling hyperthreading, reverting back to WinXP SP1 form SP2, disabling drivers, etc.).

    Because of the life changes referenced above, I am no longer a "working" musician. This is now my hobby and my needs are simple. I like to write, arrange and record fairly simple arrangements, usually not more than a dozen or so different instruments, plus some live vocal, sax and MIDI wind controller tracks. My GS sample library includes Matt Ragan's acoustic guitars, Dan Dean solo strings, Conexant GM500, Sonic Implants Amps & Pickups, GigaPiano, and the generous content that came with GS3 Orchestra.

    I recently purchased a Tascam US-122 interface with GSIF2 that came with a copy of GigaStudio LE. So here is my question, assuming that I only need to use a half dozen to a dozen instruments at any given time:

    Q: Am I better off from a simplicity and stability standpoint to use GigaStudio LE as opposed to GS3 Orchestra?

    Q: Am I better off from a simplicity and stability standpoint to use something else, like Kompakt or Halcion to play my Giga samples?

    Q: What would I be sacrificing by using any of the above options?

    My workstation setup is as follows:

    Pentium 4, 3.0ghz w/ HT, 2GB RAM, two IDE 120GB hard drives, two SATA 80GB hard drives, ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro video, Tascam US-122 MIDI/Audio interface, Gigabyte 8IPE1000G MOBO w/ Intel 865PE chipset.

    Other software that will run on the same system:

    Sonar 4 Studio, Project 5, Dimension Pro, SampleTank 2.1, Acid 5, Sound Forge, Vegas, Antares Kantos and Auto Tune 4.

    My priorities are stability and simplicity without having to mess with configuration settings and drivers everytime I want to use my Giga libraries. My time is valuable, so I need to spend it on being creative as opposed to tweaking and troubleshooting. I am not interested in editing samples, either. I just want to play.

    Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    I tend to think Kontakt 2 is the way to go if you are not happy with Gigstudio 3.

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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    If you are not happy with Giga 3, I don't see what benefit you'll get from Gigastudio LE as it is basically a scaled down version of Giga 2 (or have they released a LE version of 3?)

    At any rate, looking at your work environment, you may want to look into Kontakt 2 for use as a VSTi in your host sequencer. You seem to use a lot of VST's already and incorporating it into your workflow wouldn't take much effort.

    Halion seems to fair worse in the sampler race as there seem to be a lot of complaints about disk streaming and performance (at least with the Halion Player.)

    There's also the new Independance VST sampler from Yellow Tools. Its a dongled application, though, so that weighs against it for some. Its also unproven in the marketplace at present, being very new to the scene.

    Hit some forums, browse user issues with the various samplers, and make up your own mind. I'd go with Kontakt 2 personally, as it seems to still be the 'standard' for sample products. There's a good base set of libraries to choose from and the library import from Giga is decent.

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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    I don't think you're going to get any more inherent stability with any of the samplers. Frankly, you may be suffering from copy-protection-itis on those machines with regards to stability.

    GigaStudio should run fine with Hyperthreading now. And it should run fine with SP2. You may be in a situation where you've applied too many remedies!! I would also have to wonder what audio interface you were using previous to the Tascam...your experience is really rough. I, too, have been running GigaStudio for years on many different machines. I've always used Laylas on the Giga machines, and have never had these kinds of crashing issues.

    I'd agree Kontakt 2 is a nice sampler.

    You should not have any more inherent stability with LE than with Orchestra.

    Good luck, however you go.

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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    I abandoned Gigastudio for Kontakt for the same reasons and have been very happy with the stability and sound.
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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    Like Wes37, I abandoned GS .. for Halion (cubase user). GS 2.54 stood up for about 2 hours work max, before it slammed the door on me. Looking back I can clearly say that Halion was a much better choice for me - never had any problems with it what so ever. I'm actually able to squeeze a lot more voices out of my system too.
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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    I'm also curius to see if any body use GIGASTUDIO LE, if you have sucess whit or not. And i'm suprise to see so many happy people using cotact 2, altough that's good news, any body have sucess using it whit cubas.

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    Red face Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    Thanks to all of you for the replies. This is great information. To answer one of your questions, yes the GigaStudio LE is v3 with a patch available for v3.12. To respond to another comment, I am using DXi software versions whenever possible, as I have read threads that recommend this for use with Sonar. To answer another question, before I got the Tascam US-122, I was using an Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96. I can no longer find any support for this card and it didn't play nice with other sound cards and drivers in two different systems.

    Based on the feedback, I'm leaning toward Kontakt 2 but I have another question, first:

    Q: Because I am looking for a fairly simple solution that doesn't require any major sample editing or modification, and the fact that I am using a single workstation with other soft synth/sampler applications on it, am I better of with Kompakt (sample player only) or is Kontakt 2 (full sampler version) worth the extra money? Will I lose any quality from my Giga samples with either NI product? Also, any comments on DXi versus VST versions?

    Thanks again for your help and comments!


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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    For what it's worth and from what I can hear( being a guitarist for many years has forced me to study the nitty gritty of in-depth eq), K2 and GS3 offer two very different sounds. To me, I always hear more headroom in GS3 demos as compared to the exact same demos on K2. This is not necesarrily a bad thing, simply a matter of taste. However, K2 is now more of the standard as another user said, so...

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    Re: Which STABLE Sample Player For My Needs?

    Kompakt is a very stripped down product. Get Kontakt instead.

    I always use the VST versions of NI Kontakt, Kompakt player and Kontakt player versions in Sonar. The DXi versions all have a tempo change bug. The note lengths are screwed up after tempo changes are inserted. It usually sounds like stuck notes.

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