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Topic: Transcribing Mock-ups

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    Transcribing Mock-ups

    i do little orchestra works with sonar 5...but i need to transcribe all the stuff played in sonar for the real orchestra....i know how to write and i usually use finale..but i think it takes me to much time..do u know other ways to do this??? tnx

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    Re: Transcribing Mock-ups

    If you just want to have the pitches notated, you can just import a MIDI file into Finale. If you want the stuff that makes the notes come alive (articulations, dynamics, etc.) you will need to enter them in yourself. It will take time to do this, but the better you learn Finale and the more familiar you become with its functions the quicker you will become at entering scores into it.

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    Re: Transcribing Mock-ups

    When I need to generate parts, I save another version of the SONAR file, and use the quantization, transposition, etc., to do most of the work in getting the parts cleaned up. I then either export the MIDI files out for cleaning up in more focused software, or simply print out the parts I've cleaned up (if it's just for quick studio takes, and there's no need to make them "publishing" quality).

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    Re: Transcribing Mock-ups

    EQ Magazine has featured the GPO Competition in an article in last month's issue. The article "From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra" describes the process of going from MIDI sequences to a real orchestra. We took several works averaging over 7 minutes each and transcribed them for presentation to an orchestra. You might find this article useful.

    Here's a link to the article.

    The article chronicles the competition and describes the conversion of a sequence to an orchestral score, proper scoring, as well as preparing the parts, rehearsals, score troubleshooting, and the final performance.

    Many thanks to Andy Brick who co-wrote the article. Many thanks to those that participated in and supported the competition. And thanks to EQ for the nice feature on the competition.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Transcribing Mock-ups

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    WOW, I'll probably never need this, but it's a very nice move to
    provide information like this to your customers.
    Two thumbs up from me!


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    Re: Transcribing Mock-ups


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