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Topic: How to uninstall DFD extension?

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    How to uninstall DFD extension?

    Well, since I'm running GPO on my laptop which only has 512 MB of RAM, I thought I'd try the DFD extension and just see how it worked. (I lease it from my college, so I don't think I'm allowed to add any RAM...) Well, as soon as I booted up Studio, it swallowed all of my RAM--just running Studio leaves me with about 50 MB free. Even when I disable DFD in the options of the Kontakt Player, Studio (without loading any samples) still uses over 100 MB. Is there a way to uninstall the DFD extension for good? I tried uninstalling GPO and then reinstalling it--nothing happened.

    Also, I just installed EWQLSO Silver a few days ago, along with the DFD extension that EWQL recommends. Is the reason I couldn't get rid of the GPO DFD because I already have it installed with EWQLSO?

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    Re: How to uninstall DFD extension?

    Well, I guess I haven't been paying very close attention. I booted up my DFD-less Studio on my computer downstairs and lo and behold, it also uses about 100 MB of RAM. Guess I just didn't notice it before, as I've been using GPO as a plugin more often lately.

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