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Topic: Ordering from Best Service

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    Ordering from Best Service

    Hey all!
    Merry X-mas, etc...

    I believe I'm finally about to buy the Opus Bundle and Gigastudio 3 Orch. (hooray).
    I initially got in contact with my local retailer, who gave me a price tag at approx. $1620. However, I then visited the Best Service page, and some simple calculations told me that I would save about $250 on placing my order at Best Service, instead of going through my local retailer (who orders from deals-online.nu; the swedish general agent).

    Is there anything negative or any dangers about ordering from Best Service? I've never done it before, and I guess I'm just being very paranoid...but I just want to hear it from someone who's used their..ehm...best services (horrible, sorry), to be sure

    Thanks and cheers!

    /Daniel Beckman

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    in my experience best service gives : best service !

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    I felt exacly the same when i first order on a similar websit in the US, and boy was i nervus, it seems to take for ever, but every thing whent as plan.
    I never order from BESTSERVICE, but my gess is, you should't have any probleme, after all, that's there buseness, they would soon be out of the game if they were not relyable, also they sound like a major player in europe, so go for it, but if you're not shure, ask this on the VSL forum, or from the VSL team, i'm shure they will be able to tell you.

    I hop that help?.. i just receive my Opus bundle , great choice .

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    best service works fine.

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    Quote Originally Posted by Lux
    best service works fine.
    Same here. It's a pleasure to place the next order there...

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    Best service is very good, I guess especially when you live in Europe too.

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    I'm from Finland and I've ordered few times from them. They are great and you have nothing to worry about. (I also have ordered Advanced Orchestra at Deals Online.nu about five years ago..)


    Passion for Sound

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    best service is great. i had a question and emailed them: next day i had a reply.
    i ordered quite a lot of things through best service, never took them longer then a couple of days to deliver the goods.

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    I order everything from Bestservice, they deliver fast (usually 3 or 4 days)
    and you can save lots of money.

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    Re: Ordering from Best Service

    Another thumbs up for Best Service.


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