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Topic: GPO + Finale 2006 WOW!

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    GPO + Finale 2006 WOW!

    Hello, folks...

    Just wanted to share this -

    I know GPO is very flexible and can be quite realistic... I've heard and personally experienced great things with it so far (and even upgraded to the full GPO after getting the Finale version!). With the busy-ness of the season, I had not yet really given it a workout, so I decided to do a few pages of an orchestral score last night, and do NOTHING interpretation-wise but put in the markings that were in the score...


    I'll not divulge the piece, but if I can muster the time to continue working on it in my spare time, I'll post it... the results were nothing short of staggering

    now... I gotta save the $$ for GPO advanced (Oh, Gary, how "early" in 2006 is "early'?)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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    Re: GPO + Finale 2006 WOW!

    I feel compelled to stick my oar in the water, here.

    Finale 2006b and GPO is quite something -- the integration is excellent, and you really, really can just... score!

    I haven't the time, the patience, or the skill or the software to do the kind of post-editing and tweaking that wizards like DPDan do, so for me this is a godsend!


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    Re: GPO + Finale 2006 WOW!

    A couple of folks asked privately, so here it is:


    The only non-Finale 2006 tweaking I did on this was to create an expression that turns on the alternating up and downbows, a feature that is not yet supported by Human Playback.

    If there is sufficient interest, I'll post updates as I work on this ... if not, I'll just give y'all the final product (which will be all GPO except for the organ samples... I'm kinda picky about those, and they are the only thing in GPO that I think doesn't quite cut it)

    This trial run will be all GPO, however.


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    Re: GPO + Finale 2006 WOW!

    That sounds very nice!!

    I use Sibelius and am considering buying GPO.

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