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Topic: Giga Format Sample Import

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    Giga Format Sample Import

    Hi all,

    I just installed Kontact and the 1.2 + DFH patch. I love how it works 1000% over GSt160, but sadly find that it has some problems importing some giga format samples like Pure Guitars\' steel guitar fingered patch. Serious mapping errors. Samples are mapped over each other all over the place......

    Do you guys have the same problem? I was hoping that I can replace GSt with Kontact......

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    As of today no app but Gigastudio is able to fully import giga files. They all loose the bells&whistles on the import and several give probs such as the one you decribe or other probs.

    The only aceptable solution I´ve seen so far is using the app one kontakt user created for the community (free...or better said donationware)to convert a gig file to single layered and then manually reprogram the whole thing...very tedious! specially if you don´t exactly know how the original was placed.

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    Does anyone know if the Giga-sample-format is specified somewhere? If so, it should be possible to write a nice converter program...

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    I´m not sure (no Giga user), but I understand that Nemesys gave the required info to any interested hardware development. Now, about software convertion, I´m not so sure.

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    We are aware that the Giga-Import in Kontakt does not yet work 100% perfectly. We are trying to improve this import asap and give out an update. I can´t exactly say when this new version will be out, but I´ll let you know. Until then I know that the Chickensys Translator in the new version 3.0 does a quite good translation from Giga to Kontakt. I hope this version will be out the next couple of days.



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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    Thanks Martin - here\'s a tidbit; Windows version 2.5 Build 85, up now, does a good job. Build 86 will be up Sat AM, does a slightly better job and does Akai Roland reasonably well. Monday will bring more formats and Mac releases.

    Any questions, ideas, and feedback, fire away! support@chickensys.com, ask for Garth or Myrtle.

    We would have gotten this out earlier, but yesterday was spent in mourning. But out of our grief... =)

    I\'ll post more as I know more.

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    Originally posted by chickensys:
    but yesterday was spent in mourning. But out of our grief... =)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'m lost, Bro, what were you mourning?

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    Does the mac version of Translater from GIGA to Kontakt translate keyswitching?

    Or better yet, what EXACTLY does it not translate yet?

    Like that I can deside things.

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    One thing I want is to import Giga format samples directly, without having to save them as Kontact format. Or it will cost me another 10G of HD space if I want to play GOS in Kontact......

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    Re: Giga Format Sample Import

    If you’re using DFD, then you must obviously SAVE them to disk first. Think about it.

    Also, in case you missed the announcement before it was removed by the moderators, I just wanted to mention that CDxtract 4.1 is just released, which includes Kontakt import.

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