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Topic: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

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    Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Just go to this website and listen to the BGM. http://kiyomori.jp/main.html
    Wait till the melody comes up. Isn`t this really similar to Pirates of the Carribean ?

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Sweet irony.

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    I don`t think this would be legal...
    The melody is too similar or should I say same.
    Its like a remix of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme...

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Were they desperate?

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulR
    Were they desperate?
    Maybe the composer was told to get that
    Pirates of the Caribbean feel into the music.
    But this is horrible. I don`t know about people here
    but I really like the music from Pirates of the Caribbean,
    so I was ........(couldn`t find a word to explain my feelings) when I listening to this...

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    I wouldn't exactly say that plagiarizing Klaus Badelt is the highest form of plagiarize.

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    You know, Pirates Of The Caribbean is also a remix of Drop Zone "too many notes" track by Hans Zimmer...

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    That was sad. A true rip off...but they do get more and more common these days. And if I would have had to choose a piece of music to rip off, it most certainly would NOT have been PotC...the most predictable melody lines and chord combinations in a long time (Don't get me wrong, I like the work of Klaus Badelt. The Equilibrium soundtrack was awesome; and PotC do serves its purpose, albeit retardedly simple).
    Listen to ANY Power Metal-album, and you have the PotC (theory-wise)soundtrack in a box.

    Something I've noticed, is that it seems to me that Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer sometimes "borrows" a bit too much "inspiration" from eachother, sure they do work together, but c'mon guys...do your own composing ffs

    /Daniel Beckman

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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Haha, this is just sad...

    It's not only a rip off; its a bad rip off.

    Merry Christmas!


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    Re: Somebody ripped off Klaus Badelt ?

    Yeah, works of Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt sounds similar.
    But Klaus Badelt, for "The Time Machine" "Constantine" "The Recruit"
    "Extreme Days", I think he did a great job.

    And about theory simplicity(?), there are lots of great compositions
    that are simple in terms of music theory.
    Also besides film scores too.(Pop, Game music etc.)

    Oh btw, I like Drop Zone too.
    Looks like I like compositions with too many notes
    But I really like compositions that uses the minimum amount of
    notes that the composition needs, and has a nice atmosphere or a
    simple nice melody.
    But come to a conclusion, what if you were to compose a
    piece using only a few notes.
    Won`t the possibilities increase, for ones composition
    being similar or almost same as the ones that are
    already out there, if you try to use less notes ?
    (I mean "Accidently" this time. Not purposely like the one at the website)

    And back to the main topic.(Sorry..I should of been on topic since I was the one who started this thread.....But had this thought for sometime.)
    I didn`t mind if the composer of the BGM just only
    used the same chord combinations or rythmic elements to get the same feel,
    but the same melody.... thats too much...

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