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Topic: string orchestra - serenade

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    string orchestra - serenade

    New sample

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    Re: string orchestra - serenade

    I'm sorry, but 60 total articulation changes? I can't even hear more than maybe 3 or 4.

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    Re: string orchestra - serenade

    Quote Originally Posted by gugliel
    I'm thinking the 10-hour midi version is nearly as good, maybe better, than the 100-1000 hour versions I've been doing!
    I'm hoping not.

    How does this one come across? It sounds synthy. Nothing wrong with the music. I just thought you wanted to know how it came across.

    I believe the key is XF dynamics. Every bow has a shape. (When I've used VSL chamber strings I 've used it as a XF dyn patch, even though it makes it sound bigger, and always doubled with a solo violin played seperately with the dyamics deliberately compressed so it sounds more audible at p). Your fast runs sound neither legato nor detache/sautille, hence synthy.

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