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Topic: Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

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    Question Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

    after installing Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano VSTI, the VSTI does not appear in Cubase SX 3.1.1
    Looking at the VSTI properties windows in Cubase shows that it is there but as "not loadable" (brown colored).
    The Stand Alone application is working.
    I already tried to reinstall several times (also in other folder) without success.
    I am using Windows XP, service packs 2 and the latest version of Cubase.
    Other Plugins with a Kontakt Player are working (GPO & Jazz&BigBand)

    Best regards

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

    I'm not an expert.... but is the required .dll file visible in your vstplugins folder in Cubase? When you installed the Virtual Grand Piano, did you get an option to load the VST separately?

    Maybe you could copy the .dll file from the installation disc and manually insert it into vstpluggin folder?

    Just a thought... N

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

    Works fine here.

    There are usually two VST plug-in folders: one inside the Steinberg folder and the next inside the Cubase SX3 folder. I never found this logical but you must make certain that the dll file is inside both these folders so SX can find it.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

    Thanks Neilda & Michiel Post for your answers.
    I still have no reply from NI.
    But I finally found out that the VSTi must be in a folder named "VSTplugins"!
    (Note that how "VSTplugins" is written is important)
    I mean I have a folder named "Vstplugins_Public" for all the Plugins I use other than Cubase SX own.
    When I tell the installation routine to put the Plugins directly in this folder, then CUbase doesnt really recognise it (see above)
    Also installing the Plugin in the Cubase plugins folder named "Vstplugins" that is automaticly installed with Cubase, doesnt work either.
    It works only if it is installed in a folder named "VSTplugins".
    (This is BTW the folder name that the installationroutine propose).
    This folder can then be in any kind of other folder.

    A little bit strange, but the most important is that it works.
    Best regards

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano VSTI not loadable

    Well I'm glad you got there in the end Teacue!

    It can be incredibly hard for us non-techie types to understand this complex world..

    I'm using a Motif ES in the studio and there was no patch script on Cubase for it, found one on the web, but finding out where to put it was detective work! I had to search hidden files to find the other scripts that Cubase was actually using and eventually found that the folder was in documents and settings 'cookies' of all places! This was where Cubase had automatically loaded this hidden folder. Wierd.

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