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Topic: Who can record a brief choir part for me?

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    Can someone record a brief choir part for me?

    Hi there, folks. Shaz from the GPO forum here...

    I have a very brief choir/vocal part that I need for a song on the CD I'm working on. No way I can justify springing for a full choir sample set just for this, and I'd rather not have the hassle of getting together some sopranos from the church choir to record this little part.

    So I'm wondering if someone with a good vocal sample set would be able to record these parts for me. I can offer a copy of the CD when it's done, a credit in the liner notes for you and for whatever library is used, and a whole heap of thanks. It's a very funny song for a kids' music album and I'm sure you'll be glad to have contributed to it.

    Here's a demo of the part, using the best soundfont I could find - http://www.endresnet.com/CowboyChoir.mp3 I'm after kind of a "You Can't Always Get What You Want" sound, so it shouldn't be a huge choir... just a few sopranos. There are four measures, the first three at 85 bpm and the fourth at 75 bpm. The higher line is all whole notes - E, F#, G, F# and the lower line is: B (dotted whole note), A (half note), B (whole note), D (whole note).

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help with this. If you can do that, please e-mail the WAV files to ericendres(at)yahoo.com or e-mail me or PM me here to make other arrangements for file transfer. Oh, and please record with no effects and send each of the two parts seperately so I can mix them as needed. Normally I'd prefer mono files, but if your choir samples are meant to be stereo, then that's fine.

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    Re: Who can record a brief choir part for me?

    Looks like I'm covered for this now. Thanks much!
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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