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Topic: Top-10 problems using samples

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    Top-10 problems using samples

    What are the problems you encounter when working with samples?
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples


    Are you talking about problems that are inherent with sampling technology, or problems caused by poor programming and recording techniques on the part of the developer?

    I'll give you one of each:

    Loading times.

    Inconsistency within the velocity layers from note to note.
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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    I mean problems using samples when you are in the process of creating music.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    Lack of expression. Too many MIDI tracks needed to play a single expressive string line for example.

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    Quote Originally Posted by dpasdernick
    Lack of expression. Too many MIDI tracks needed to play a single expressive string line for example.

    Another vote for lack of expression! Also developers are trying to emulate the real thing instead of concentrating on what is possible with digital music. In that case you create bad simulations instead of great new oportunities!

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    RAM limitations! More than anything this one really bothers me.

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    I agree with Neo and the others- it's the need to micro-manage a line of music into little meaningless segments in order to get the necessary articulations. It slows everything down so much and gives me musical tunnelvision. The Garritan solo Strad seems to be a step in bringing a degree of real time performance back to samples- of course, at the cost of a learning curve to play, but that's surely worth it. The new VSL approach looks promisiing, but not perfect. What we need is a way to load all samples at once ( ) and very quickly and intuitively jump between them in r/t ( ) Solve that quandry and the world will certainly beat a path to your door...

    But yeah, sometimes when it takes me a whole hour to turn out a 5 second phrase it kind of saps my desire to be involved in a project at all.... I listened to a piece of music that turned up a few days ago that I had done on my old 01/W. It didn't sound realistic, but the arrangement was very good I thought, and it was good because I was working at the speed of my creativity. I knew that I was only going to get the one string articulation, say, so I just played a line and moved on. I know I miss that a lot now.

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    Quote Originally Posted by Michiel Post
    What are the problems you encounter when working with samples?
    Loading times and RAM limitations.
    Apart from some players that use DFD (Kompakt comes into my mind)
    most libraries are loaded completely into the RAM.

    When I load a song which has e.g. GPO with Steinway, some Strings,
    Church organ and Woodwinds, Kontakt with Viennas Overdrive and
    some drums it needs more then 1 min to load everything (on a fast

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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    I actually don't think Sample Libraries are neccessarily deficient.
    For me it's the software.
    I like notation for input, and in reality there are too many steps and/or workarounds involved in getting a great playback from computer notated work.
    Build me a fully automated DAW/notation program that will recognise written articulations, and intelligently play them back in a realistic way, observing many of the nuances of live performance and i will willingly part with my cash. Sibelius and Finale just aren't up to the mark, and the scoring windows in Cubase and Logic have been basically ignored as a means of input in preference to a track based system.

    If this new program does 90% of the work, then i'll be streets ahead of the current process.
    I seriously think sample libraries are ahead of the means of input in today's world, and it's the software that can't keep up. Whatever samplers can do these days, we're still in keyswitch mode, and that's one of the reasons sample libraries get the 'blame' for the convoluted process we go through. VSL looks to be getting closer, but i still think the DAW is the key to a more efficient way of working.

    In addition to this, and as a further look into the future, Midi controllers and the Midi format in general are showing their age. I'd prefer something along the lines of 1280 channels not 16, 5000 voices not 127, and a standard format for this, i.e. violin 1 Staccato 0.1 second, voice 1, violin staccato 0.2 second voice 2, etc. and the DAW fully responsive with this system.
    The current system is too coarse.
    The sheer volume of time involved in setting up an orchestral template is prohibitive, and that's not counting the arduous task of setting up multiple articulations per instrument, so we can play intuitively, and get the right response whilst playing instead of endless tweaking.

    And controllers suffer from the same limitations imposed by midi. A 'smart' controller with more automated variable input would be good, i.e. Each keyboard key with a reactive slight sideways movement, to control vibrato.
    A two part key, lower part (closest to player) responding to legato, with the upper part assignable to tremolo for example.
    Just some thoughts.



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    Re: Top-10 problems using samples

    I think a good keyboard controller can do quite a bit. I would like to see more collaboration between controller developers, host/sequencer developers, and sample developers, however. eg. Loading up a patch in a library automatically maps your MIDI controller properly as well.
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