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Topic: Sample Library Players, Hard drives

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    Sample Library Players, Hard drives

    I have 3 hard drives used for recroding as folows: C: SATA 120 gig for Windows XP and host applications. D: SATA 300 gig for sample libraries, E: IDE ATA 250 gigs for audio projects...

    Now, For those sample libraries that come packaged in its own stand alone sample player (e.g. Collosus), is it possible to install the sample player on my C: drive and put the libraries that come with it on my D: drive? If not and install the entire Collosus on my D: drive, will I be defeating the purpose of having the sepate hard drive set up?


    - Steve

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    Re: Sample Library Players, Hard drives

    Yes you can...the installer will ask you first where you want the program files and then where you want the library...some programs require you to do this manually, like Stylus RMX.
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    Re: Sample Library Players, Hard drives

    Right, and the program files themselves are typically very small (usually in the 10-20mb range tops).
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