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Topic: Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?

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    Re: Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?


    I had similar laptop a year ago .... i never dared run gigastudio on it, although, it was perfect for a sequencer and slaving a desktop machine running gigastudio.

    as for a sound card .... i use an Echo Gina w/ pcmcia card on my laptop, works like a charm :-)


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    Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?

    I just picked up a Presario 735 1.5, 256ram. I\'m thinking of installing Giga32 on it to help out my loaded PIII600 a bit. All it will be used for from a musical stand point is playing back Giga.
    I know I will probably have to get an outboard audio card. Any comments?


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    Re: Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?

    Thanks Passa, but aside from \"never dreaming\" of running Giga on a laptop, did you actually try it?
    I\'m only going to be running piano, and/or bass off of it.
    Thanks for the sound card tip.


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    Re: Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?

    Hello DanS,

    Laptop computers in general don’t have compatible audio cards. RME, Echo and Digigram are among the companies that offer professional audio cards for Laptop PCMCIA cards with GSIF support. The onboard chipset of most laptop computers use the WDM drivers which are not compatible. One option is to find one that uses DirectX drivers and use it. This can work though the laptop may not perform as well as its desktop counterpart.

    Another option that has been tested would be a fast laptop with a docking solution that has PCI slots on it. One company has an external solution for a hard drive and two PCI slots. Check it out at www.magma.com This may allow the installation of a compatible sound card for the GigaStudio.

    Bear in mind, the hard drives in laptops may not be fast enough for full polyphony compared to a similar laptop model. Using a native firewire interface with an external hard drive along with a professional PMCIA sound card may provide the highest quality/performance/reliability for running GigaStudio at its full potential.

    DigiGram announced their new EtherSound solution at the AES show. It promises 64 channels of 24-bit audio on standard 100base-T ethernet hardware. Their press release claims GSIF support.

    I think external and robust storage (firewire/SCSI/ethernet) is to be unavoidable for any serious Giga performance. The tiny internal hard drives in the best of the laptops are just not gonna cut it for critical and demanding users. Not this year anyway.

    Hope this helps,



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    Re: Gigastudio32 on a Compaq laptop?

    Thanks gents.

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