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Topic: How to use Garritan Jazz in Sibelius 3?

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    How to use Garritan Jazz in Sibelius 3?

    My copy of Garritan jazz And Big Band came in the mail the other day. I love the sounds and have had a great time using it in Sonar.

    I use Garritan Personal Orchestra in Sibelius 3 on a regular basis, and find it easy to use; but, I just can't seem to figure out how to get the Jazz version to work for me.

    Can anyone tell me how to configure it? I have been anticipating using the two together for some time.



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    Re: How to use Garritan Jazz in Sibelius 3?

    Search the forum for a post regarding a new version of GPO Studio that is supposed to work with JABB. Then you can work within Sibelius 3x as with the regular GPO library.

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