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Topic: JABB Demos

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    JABB Demos

    Hey, I'm new here and am wondering if there is a page or forum here where all of the JABB demos have been consolidated for easy review (without having to sort through other non-JABB demos).

    Also, is there one demo that you would say is the definitive one, or at least one of the best? I've listened to a few, but don't know if what I'm hearing reflects the full potential of the library.


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    Re: JABB Demos

    I don't think so, Olen. Only in the Listening Room, which also has GPO demos. I think it would be good if, in that forum, everyone prefaced their subject line with either JABB: or GPO: as I am particularly interested in hearing other JABB demos now.

    Or, we could start a thread in this forum for posting demos (or continue this one for that purpose), but I think they should also be posted in the general demo section so more people can find them. I suppose it's up to the moderators how they might want those distributed.

    In any case, FWIW, here's my recent demo of some JABB horns used in a rock context - Steve the Superhero.

    And here's one of my favorite JABB demos, by Jun Yamamoto - http://homepage2.nifty.com/yamamoto_...lence-jabb.mp3
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: JABB Demos

    Thanks Shazbot.

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