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Topic: Good set of speakers + subwoofer for "the music biz"?

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    Good set of speakers + subwoofer for "the music biz"?

    I currently have Altec Lansing, two speakers + subwoofer. It\'s not bad, except there\'s no headphone jack. I\'d really like to have a 2.1 speaker setup with a headphone jack, and also have plenty of bass, midrange, and high range.. or whatever is good for composing using samples & such.

    What do you recommend?

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    Re: Good set of speakers + subwoofer for "the music biz"?

    I would not recommend PC speaker, be it 2.1 or 5.1 or whatever...

    Have you thought bout real monitors?

    Have a look at:
    Genelec 1029 (balanced in)
    Genelec 1029a(spdif in)
    Genelec 1030 if you have money

    or my personnal choice:
    Event1 PS8

    Both Genelecs or Event1 are available with accompaning SubWoofer enclosure, all of them are bi-amplified nearfield monitors. Genelecs are quite expensive, but have good reputation, Event1 are half the price, and certainly as good.

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    Re: Good set of speakers + subwoofer for "the music biz"?

    If you\'re not able to spend the cash on good monitors, which I am not either, I would suggest getting a shelf stereo system, like an Aiwa, make sure they have RCA inputs, and use those for your computer speakers. You can usually get some decent ones in the $200-300 range, and you get a headphone jack! The other great thing is, you hear a lot of people complain about the volume of Gigastudio, and how they can\'t make it loud enough. If you have a high wattage system, you can make it as loud as you want it! Make sure you get one with a woofer, midrange, and a tweeter. Mine actually sounds better than a friend\'s high-priced monitors. Make SURE you have the room to move them about a foot and a half away from your monitor, though, because they will not be shielded like computer speakers, and may cause damage to your monitor.

    P.S. Stay away from computer speakers, even the best ones aren\'t very good for music and audio work.

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