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Topic: Quiet PCs

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    Quiet PCs

    For those reading Damon\'s thread in the Software forum about polyphony in GS 3 (which turned into a \'silent\' PC thread):

    I recently purchased a couple of smart drives (they\'re Japanese - I imported them to the UK from Silicon Acoustics). They really work well, and they look pretty cool as well. Not cheap though.

    Also, quietpc.com has some great stuff for keeping noise down, esp. CPU heatsinks / fans.

    One of my PCs was particularly noisy until recently. I\'ve replaced the PSU with a \'silent\' one, exchanged the Intel CPU fan for a Molex, stuck the IBM drive in a Smart Drive case, the Seagate Barracuda in a \'no-vibes\' mounter, and strategically arranged some 3\" acoustic foam around the case (making sure not to obstruct any air flow).

    Now I can only just hear any noise at all. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    Check out: http://www.siliconacoustics.com/smartdrive.html

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    Re: Quiet PCs

    If your looking for an ultra whisper fan, check out the Papst line of case fans, they have the
    best noiseless fans I\'ve found so far. They sell them thru directron.com

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