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Topic: Tabletop Keyboard Stand?

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    Question Tabletop Keyboard Stand?

    I may sound strange, but I really need this.
    I currently use a Roland JV-90 as my main keyboard controller. I love the keyboard action and feel, I hate the Roland 'paddle' pitch/mod controller.
    In an effort to make a multipurpose purchase, I decided to get a Novation X-Station 25 to use with my laptop as a 'go-anywhere-studio' solution. It has an unlatchable joystick for pitch/mod AND a touchpad, which will allow even more expression control.
    For my dream setup, I'd like to be able to place the X-Station, ABOVE the left-hand side of the JV-90, almost like a two-tier setup. My Roland sits on a desk, at the perfect height, monitors behind it. Since this is my 'home' studio, I wouldn't want to use any a-frame, x-frame, z-frame or whatever other stand for BOTH keyboards. I just need something that would hold the smaller controller, above and to the left of the other one. Does it make sense??

    Does anyone have any ideas or specific products I could use to accomplish this?

    Thanks for your help!!!


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    Re: Tabletop Keyboard Stand?

    I usually do stuff like that with a couple books... something like a Gore Vidal novel in paperback will usually get you about 3" of height, about right for raising something above keyboard level...

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    Re: Tabletop Keyboard Stand?

    I'm similarly hi-tech - I've used the box that the keyboard came to raise it to the correct height!
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