I use 2 cards in my PC: Delta 1010LT and Wamirack 24.
After I have updated my motherboard I get this problem:

Wamirack works fine, but Delta 1010 sounds like a devil - deep distorted sound. If I open the Wamirack 24 panel and try different samplerates the sound of the Delta changes!
They have each their own IRQ. If I disable the Wamirack driver evrything works well.

I have tried the 2 cards togeter in all of my 3 PC\\\'s - all with the same motherboards: Asus P4B. Same problem. I have tried the same with Wamirack 24 + Audiophile 2496 - same prob. And also the new Waveterminal 192L + Audiophile 2496 same prob. Seems like the drivers mess each other up in some way.

Also both the Audiophile and Delta 1010LT only plays left channel in Sound Forge when playing a 24 bit file - hence the reason why I need 2 cards...