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Topic: Scarbee '73 Rhodes / Kontakt 2 situation

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    Scarbee '73 Rhodes / Kontakt 2 situation

    Here's an odd one for you guys:

    I have this little little issue with the Scarbee Rhodes in K2. I converted it from Giga format and it works fine when I first load it up in K2.

    Here's the wierd part: When I save the K2/Scarbee Rhodes combination as part of my rack in Forte, then the next time I load the rack, K2/Scarbee has a bunch of crackles in it. To fix it, I have to re-load the Scarbee .nki with-in K2 everytime I launh Forte and all is fine.

    All other V-Instruments load/work like they are supposed to in this very same rack.

    I want to go with an auto-loaded monitorless live rig, but the above problem is the only thing from keeping me from success. I really want to be able to use the Scarbee '73 because it's just that good!

    Any ideas??? Funky Giga translation perhaps???

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    Re: Scarbee '73 Rhodes / Kontakt 2 situation

    Just incase anyone else runs across this problem....

    Using Kontakt 2 as a DXi in Forte has solved the problem. Using it as a VSTi results in the above issue on my setup.

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