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Topic: In need of advice: PCI soundcard

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    In need of advice: PCI soundcard

    I am thinking about upgrading my homestudio. I have an Audiophile 24/96 soundcard, and as you probably know, there are only 2 analogue in and 2 out. Not quite enough for me these days!

    So I was thinking about buying a soundcard with more analogue audio in/out but I really don't have a clue where to start. The only thing I know is that it has to be a low latency soundcard since I use a lot of softsamplers, and it has to be a 1U rack brakeout box.

    It is important for me that the A/D converters are good! I'm a little dissapointet with the audiophile-sound, so Delta 1010 which basically has the same specs, I think would be out of the question. As for the soundcard I'm seekin; somewhere between 8 or 10 in/out would be fine!

    My budget is about $1000...

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    Re: In need of advice: PCI soundcard

    A Delta 10/10 would be better, if only because the converters are encased in an external enclosure and away from the interference induced by having them in the same case with the PC.

    But if your budget is $1000, I HIGHLY recommend getting something from RME - a Hammerfall, Fireface, etc. Metric Halo also makes an excellent unit with top notch converters.

    For a bit less, a Layla3G from Echo is a good choice, but you'd be hard pressed to beat anything from RME.

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    Re: In need of advice: PCI soundcard

    I would agree. I just got an RME Fireface 800 and I love it. Great sound from the RME stuff.

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    Re: In need of advice: PCI soundcard

    The Fireface will put you a little over $1000, unfortunately, though I have heard nothing but glowing reviews. Might be worth it to pony up the extra $400-500.

    Something like the Presonus Firebox might be a nice compromise, with solid converters and very good sounding pres for the money. I hear their drivers are still a bit sketchy, but their latest release cleans up quite a few issues.

    The Edirol UA-1000 is pretty nice as well, and Edirol's drivers are absolutely rock solid.

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    Re: In need of advice: PCI soundcard

    If you like the sound from the M-Audio, why don't you check out the Project Mix I/O .....I haven't heard a lot about it yet, but I'm looking in that direction..You won't even have to give up a PCI slot !!... Midi, Motorized Faders, Plenty of mic pre's !!....WAHOO !!...Jim

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