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Topic: 'Reference' PC speakers

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    \'Reference\' PC speakers

    I am currently working on a PC games project, and would like to know how it sounds on an average PC speaker system. But I don\'t know what I should use a reference. I was thinking about the Altec Lansing ATP3 - any ideas?

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    Re: \'Reference\' PC speakers


    I gave up trying to find a typical PC speaker, there are just so many of them. None of them are very good and I certainly wouldn\'t make adjustments to eq or balance on them.
    In preference I would rather use my main monitors and listen to the mix in mono at a very (and I mean very) low level.

    My theory is that if a game player really cares about audio quality they are going to be using a decent home cinema/hi fi system. They will not want to listen to a mix that is compromised to sound good on a crappy $30 PC speaker. And if you adjust the mix to sound good on any PC speakers you buy, that adjustment probably won\'t work on another brand of speaker anyway.

    Just my two pence.

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    Re: \'Reference\' PC speakers

    Simon, I agree with Dave. By all means grab some crap speakers and se what happens to your mix, but right now the standard for PC speakers doesn\'t really exist. You\'ve got everything from built-ins to 5.1 systems. Listening at very low level in mono on something like an old Auratone will help you see what needs to be addressed.

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    Re: \'Reference\' PC speakers

    Wasn\'t there a tool that simulated PC speakers? And could optimize for it?

    Anyway - if you are on to buy PC speakers. Not the cheapest, not the newest. Something like a noname 240W PMPO should do it.

    And don\'t forget to ask Doyle W. Donehoo as I can see he experienced a lot of things about lower quality speakers.

    Hope this helps...

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    Re: \'Reference\' PC speakers


    Did you mean the Waves MaxxBass plug-in?

    According to Waves:
    \"MaxxBass patent pending technology takes your bass to the maximum on more speaker sizes, from any source, by adding a series of harmonics to the signal.\"


    \"MaxxBass helps you hear better bass on all speakers, from your full-range to your laptop. Whether for mastering enhancements or site-specific mixing, your ears will perceive an amazing low end.\"

    This is one ot those plug-ins you need to try before you buy!!!!! I\'m not convinced myself although I use and love all the other Waves plugs.

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    Re: \'Reference\' PC speakers

    Marsdy, you nailed it. It was Waves MaxxBass.

    Well - I heard some demos on Keyboards CD something about 1998(!)...

    But I far as I remember I was not convinced by the results - neither with Hi-Fi nor with PC speakers results...

    Guess you HAVE TO get a demo. Perhaps there are also newer tools doing this?


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