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Topic: Speaker setups

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    Speaker setups

    *Note* I'm not referring to anyone who has a big studio setup-

    So, anyone mind to share with me what kind of speakers they use? I've wanted to buy new ones for a while, it's just that with the huge subwoofers and all that I'm always feeling paranoid that what I compose will sound entirely different on another machine because of this.

    So anyone care to share?

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    Re: Speaker setups

    Event 20/20 BAS

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Speaker setups

    the passive KRK, the ST8's. haven't got enough time to test them thoroughly, but up to the moment they're OK

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    Re: Speaker setups

    I found searching for speakers to be a bit overwhelming…

    I bought a pair a few weeks ago… (Samons,) Only tested them briefly.

    I initially did allot of research, looked at specs, listened to opinions, but in the end it was all thrown out the window.

    While at the music store I listened to several... ie: Events, M Audio's others in the $400 - $ 600 price range, It's really impossible to tell from a single listen. Depends on the positions of the speakers, the volume, even the Cd that they're playing etc..

    I found each speaker had a drastically different sound. I noticed a few high end speakers even sounded worse than cheaper ones. (in my opinion)
    I've come to the conclusion, its about personal preference.

    For me, the idea was to try and find one that would fit the common listener. Not too flat , too high, or too low..
    I simply chose one in the middle range.

    You'll have to spend about 20 -30 minutes listening and comparing.
    Hopefully you're sales rep will be a patient as mine.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Speaker setups

    I finally have something in my studio with which I'm completely happy with. I have three Genelec 8030s in the front, four 1029s in the back and a 7070 sub. They are pricey in the US (they aren't exactly cheap in Europe either) but they are very, very good. I use headphones and smaller speakers to get an alternative perspective to the mix but the Genelecs are just wonderful.

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