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Topic: GS drivers not loading

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    GS drivers not loading

    I recently upgraded to 3.12.2322 from GS 3.04. Since then, whenever I launch GS I get this errror message:

    "The system drivers for GigaStudio are not currently loaded. If this situation continues please contact Technical Support. Should I try to load the drivers now?"

    Um, yes, load them, please.

    This is extraordinarily annoying. Anybody know of the fix for this? TASCAM has NOT been helpful so far -- their current response is: maybe you've got some bad memory. (Is that not the lamest fallback position used by tech support centers everywhere?)

    My system:

    XP Professional (version 2002, SP 1)

    Dell Dimension 8400 with a P4 3 Ghz processor

    1 Gig RAM.

    WaMi Rack for soundcard.

    This is basically a GigaStudio-only box and the only other apps (other than
    what comes with XP) installed are ChickenSys Translator, and Apple
    QuickTime/iTunes. A pretty clean machine.

    Suggestions and solutions welcome!

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    Re: GS drivers not loading

    You might unload/reload your soundcard drivers. The soundcard drivers and Giga drivers are fairly interdependent. If that doens't work uninstall/re-install Giga. Hopefully, you have your registration file saved someplace...


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    Re: GS drivers not loading

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Hopefully, you have your registration file saved someplace...
    If not, it can be backed up anytime from License Manager.

    - G

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