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Topic: The best hard drives for GS

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    The best hard drives for GS

    Which are the best hard drives for GS?

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    Re: The best hard drives for GS

    I just had chance to see IBM Deskstar hard drives at work with Gigasampler and Gigastudio. They perform flawlessly.

    I\'ve heard good things about Western Digital special edition drives with 8Mb cache but I just \"heard\" them, no experience with them.

    Best luck again,

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    Re: The best hard drives for GS

    Thanks for the answer. Are there more people who can say something on this Western Digital HD, or maybe give other recommendations?

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    Re: The best hard drives for GS

    I have Western Digital special edition drives (the 8Mb cache version) in both my Giga PCs. They are very fast according to the benchmarks I have run and I\'m easily getting 160 voices with no clicks or pops. The drives are on their own IDE channel BTW.

    I\'m very happy with them. I previously used IBM Ultrastars for my DAW but I don\'t like the usage recomendations they have been including in there specs. I think it was something like 320 hours a month.

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    Re: The best hard drives for GS

    I have used both the IBM and WD/8gb cache drives.

    There is no doubt the WDs are currently much faster and sustain more streaming voices in Giga. I was surprised to see someone comment on that page about the IBM streaming video with fewer dropped frames, because that is NOT my experience at all. I suspect there was another factor of some kind involved.

    I have probably five of the IBM drives, and three of the WD-8s. My results are consistent with all of them.

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