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Topic: s-converter problems

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    s-converter problems

    1) converting the bolder sounds \"eclectic\" cd, some zones are way off key. the merge l/r switch doesn\'t make any diff. i really really need the s-converter to be solid if i am to continue with giga and recommend it to others. i just sold my e-iv and am not interested in another proprietary sample format; akai is the defacto \"vhs\" standard.

    if s-converter is not rock-solid, there are other software samplers, like bitheadz...

    2) the s-converter should really be easier to use. specifically, one should be able to select entire volumes or the entire disc to batch convert. some CDs have over a dozen volumes, which is a pain in the butt, esp. if you want volumes put in separate directories on your hard disk.

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    Re: s-converter problems

    I agree;
    S-converter should be more succesful cos there are lots of users (like myself, for instance) who have huge collection of AKAI cd-roms and do not want to spend couple of 1000$ bills on buying same libraries in giga format?
    Hey Dave, will there be some progress in GS 2.0 regarding the S-converter?

    Also would be good to publish the list of AKAI cd-roms which do not convert properly (for now, I hope)


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    Re: s-converter problems

    I can only join my fellow users in asking \" When will S-Convert be updated? I have a similar topic running in the \"Sample Library\" Forum.

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