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Topic: RMX Question

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    RMX Question

    I'm fairly new to using Virtual Instruments, however I've worked my way around Trilogy, Stylus RMX, Elektrik Piano and BFD Drums - all great stuff. Stylus is very good for kicking ideas off and having something instant to work with. However.....

    I'm using an older version of Cubase (yes, I know, go get it upgraded.... but in the meantime....) and it RMX doesn't support ReWire. So I'm wondering how to get my RMX patterns and grooves into Cubase without having to drag and drop them into my desktop and then import them (part by part) as MIDI files.

    I would be happy to take them in as audio - I guess that's just a question of patching them into a VST input as an output from my desk back into the desk. It seems a bit clumsy and maybe there's another way?

    Advice welcome..... even if it's simply 'go upgrade!'

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    Re: RMX Question


    Watch the "RMX and Cubase" tutorial video to see how much better it is when you can drag directly to the track in SX3/SL3

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    Re: RMX Question

    Yup seen that! I guess I cannot ignore the advice of The Master....

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