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Topic: ACPI (beating a dead horse)

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    ACPI (beating a dead horse)

    I\'m considering reinstalling Windows and disabling ACPI as has been recommended by many, but I\'m wondering, has anyone experienced a real difference in performance? I don\'t need benchmarks or numbers, but if someone said they\'ve tried it both ways, and it works better without it, I\'d believe them.

    Also, has anyone had problems with this method?

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    Re: ACPI (beating a dead horse)


    i\'ve an Elite K75SA with a DSP24 adcdac2000

    ACPI works Better !!!

    i\'ve a single IRQ for my soundcard !!!!




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    Re: ACPI (beating a dead horse)

    I would stay away from ACPI. Having 1 IRQ address used for more than one periphereal is not a good thing.

    Most of the PCI cards you purchase today are \"IRQ sharing compatible\" so your workstation won\'t lock up because of this.

    Professional audio needs, however, cannot risk to have problems (like vicious clicks and pops at random times in the audio stream) or bad performances because of this kind of stuff. You have more than 1 IRQ so it\'s better to use them all in order to let the audio card work on a single one.

    There are no risks in using a non-ACPI workstation. The worse you can is that it will be the same as an ACPI one (I don\'t think so, however).

    Best luck,

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    Re: ACPI (beating a dead horse)


    yes. However it\'s depend on your soundcard and motherboard.

    I repeat. You can have a single IRQ in ACPI mode !!!

    Just learn to configure Bios. ANd it\'s depend on your computer....

    read the rme-audio article about ACPI mode !!!
    (The best)



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    Re: ACPI (beating a dead horse)

    Of course, every workstation is different.

    Mine, for example, was unable to make ACPI to put 1 IRQ per slot even if the BIOS was told to do so using its parameters.


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