I am considerin getting EastWest Symphonic Orchestra (68 gigs) and Symphonic Choir (38 gigs). Both use a total of 106 gigs of memory!!

My current setup uses 2 SATA hard drives, 120 gigs each. Drive #1 has my OS (Windows XP) and my sequencer (Sonar5) and all my virtual synths. I have @ 50 gigs free
Drive #2 contains my swap file and all my audio projects. I have @ 100 gigs free

My motherboard does not support a third SATA drive but should accept a third hard drive in serial format.

My question: If I purchase these programs, I wil definately need a third hard drive. Is fire wire fast enough if I use an external harddrive for these virtual synths?

If not, will I reallu see a gain using the 24bit Plaitnum or should I go with Gold Pro? (I already have Garritan GPO)