OK, I'll feel like an idiot if there's a simple answer to this. I've searched NI's forums, SoundsOnline, the NS forums, etc., and to my disbelief, I can't find any posts that deal with this, so if it's been covered before, please forgive me:

I've just started experimenting with Kontakt 2 for use with all my EWQL libraries. Loading sounds via those tiny, sensitive text menus in the Kompakt Players drives me bonkers, and I want to use K2 simply so all my libraries show up in drop-down menus with larger fonts.

So I updated my K2 database to reflect all my EWQL libraries. Now they all show up in the "Load/Save" tab - so far so good. However, with all the nested folders, the last column or two are impossible to get to! They show up, but navigating to them with the mouse to select something is impossible in many cases. Any way around this?

Here's an example. Say I want something from my EWQLSO library. Here's what I get:

EastWest Libraries > EWQLSO Gold Library > Alto Flute > F AFL Sus Vib.nki

That last item, when I can manage to get to it, is impossible to click on. What's the freakin' deal with this? Logic's EXS sampler can go as deep as necessary into a nested folder situation, but in K2, it's a mess.

I'm sure there's a simple fix to this, but I can't seem to find it (I did try the smaller font option in K2's options tab, but that only affects the browser text - not the menus). Again, apologies if this has been covered before.


Jim Daneker
Dual 2.3 G5, OSX 10.4.2, 4.5 GB RAM, latest version of K2 (standalone and plugin within Logic Pro 7.1)