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Topic: Rumor mill-AES 2002

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    Rumor mill-AES 2002

    I am going to be purchasing a Giga Turnkey system soon. Any reason I should wait to order until after AES in a couple of weeks?

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    Re: Rumor mill-AES 2002

    Hi Lee,
    I\'ve seen some of your other posts on this forum. Are you building a 2nd system? Or replacing your first?

    At some point I would like to take on a project like that. But at this point I think its better that I order a turnkey solution. I am leaning towards a system by Carillonusa.com at this point. They seem to make a really good product. I like the idea of a quiet rack enclosure (how quiet, who knows???).

    They are selling a core system with :
    Intel Pentium 4 - 2.4GHZ Processor 533MHz FSB
    Intel D850EMV2L RDRAM 533Mhz Motherboard
    512MB PC800-40 RDRAM (RAMBus)
    Matrox G550 32 Mb Dual Head
    40GB Seagate MarkIV Ultra Quiet 7200RPM ATA 100
    80GB Seagate MarkV Ultra Quiet 7200RPM ATA 100
    40x12x40 Plextor ATAPI CD-RW (Black)
    Windows XP Professional CD-ROM

    for $2199 (Not including Giga software and audio hardware). That\'s about $400 more than a Dell configured with similar parts.

    You pick your software and audio hardware. They of course install everything and give you support, 3 year warranty, 3 GB sounds. Plus some free software. Seems worth it to me. And hopefully I will have few or no headaches. What d\'ya think?

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    Re: Rumor mill-AES 2002

    Wow, Lee, that sounds great. I may try to do something like that in the future. I too am a Mac user, and so I am looking for the easiest way to get a PC system up and running. But at that price it\'s certainly tempting. However, as far as turnkey systems go, I think Carillon is doing a pretty good job. The price and configuration wsa directly from their website. Maybe they have upgraded their site since you last visited. BTW the 2 things you mentioned (more RAM, and DVD drive) are probably the first things I will upgrade. I may eventually pull out the CD-RW drive and replace with a combo drive. At this point I don\'t think I really need a DVD drive. But it may become a necessity in the future.

    Thanks for your info, and Good Luck,

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