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Topic: How to advertise?

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    How to advertise?

    I hope this in the right forum.
    Anyway... I've been working on a few commissions; games and films, but never anything bringing in much money. I was curious, if anyone could shed some light, or if anyone has been there already, on how I would go about advertising myself to companies or individuals who would pay (not vast rates, but enough). Is there some kind of agency? I've got a website, http://www.robwestwood.com, albeit not quite finished yet (as I'm doing an overhaul), so obviously there will be no need to advertise until I've got a full section of demos and a moderately long demoreel. Any feedback would be welcome, thanks.

    Rob Westwood

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    Re: How to advertise?

    Hi Rob,

    Maybe this link would help:

    It is sort of a quick guide to getting started as a film/tv composer and answers some questions about early steps in promoting oneself. Good luck!


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    Re: How to advertise?

    Thanks very much!
    I'm looking into it now.

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