Are any of you set-up to take your SX and gigas on the road. I have a seperate giga and SX computer in my studio but I want to be able to get some work done on the road. Here are my specific questions:

1. Can you run both applications on one laptop (is there a provider of such a system)?

2. What limits exist running such a system (Polyphony in Giga - audio tracks in SX)?

3. When I am back in my studio I would want to use this \'laptop\' as my \'second\' giga computer - any issues there?

4. What other equipment would I need to make this work on the road (mini midi keyboard, firewire and hard drive for Audio/giga library, etc.)

5. How would I monitor in this set-up.

6. Will I need a second license for Giga? For SX? What about the SX dongle (if I don\'t need a second license, can I use the one I currently have in the studio?

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.