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Topic: Key Switching on Stacked Instruments

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    Key Switching on Stacked Instruments

    Hello, I am running Giga on a Vision Digital Audio Workstation. I would like to create my own key switching mapping between multiple giga sample patches into one stacked instrument. I am hoping to conserve midi tracks on my sequencer such that one track could be at one moment a flute, and then after some sort of midi trigger, become a vibraphone patch.

    I know there are many possiblities with stacked instruments and it is easy to create a dual layer flute/vibraphone, but for the life of me, I can not seem to create MY OWN key switching enviroment. I seem to be a prisoner to pre programmed key switching. It seems like this should be easy, but I am at a loss.

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Key Switching on Stacked Instruments

    One of the buttons at the top of your instrument loader pane looks like a tiny picture of three midi channels in giga. Depress it. This enables stacking. Then just drag instruments to your desired channel. Do this in the order, from low to high, that you want your keyswitches to be arranged. There is no re-ordering after the fact without re-building the stack.

    Next, click on the little down arrow to the right of the instrument name that is displayed in the main channel slot where you loaded your instruments. Select "Stack properties". This is where you set up your keyswitches. If you click "Learn", in this window, you can just click on the lowest and highest of your desired KS's, and giga will do the rest.

    Best of luck,

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