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Topic: Cubase VST Latency

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    Cubase VST Latency

    I tried a setup, where I used GPO as VST Instruments in Cubase (that comes with GPO). I am using an external master keyboard, connected with emagic unitor to the PC.
    This setup has a latency of at least 2 seconds. Is this a principal problem of Cubase VST Instrument or is i just me? Would it help if I would use VST Stack instead? I don't want to record in Cubase, just play, mix and route the output, because I usually play and record, don't sequence.

    I noticed a rather long latency already with GPO Studio, but Cubase/VSTi is "unplayable". Can someone with a similiar setup shed some light on my issue?

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    Re: Cubase VST Latency

    The audio interface and its driver which you use may set up latency.
    ASIO driver is recommended when you play with your master keyboard.

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    Re: Cubase VST Latency

    Sounds like your sound card to me and/or possibly the drivers you are using. If your there are asio drivers for your soundcard, these are the ones you want to use. If your sound card is the stock one that came with your PC, you might need to look at getting a new one. There are some reletively inexpensive models out there these days like the M-audio I think. Hope this helps. I have a USB type model from Tascam that works fine but still has latency of about 26ms. Not perfect but I've gotten used to working with it.

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