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Topic: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

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    Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    I'm really craving a good overall ethnic library. Just something to have on hand in case I need it.. plus, working with those instruments is always a blast for me.

    Specifically, instruments I'd REALLY love to have over any other: shamisen, shakuhachi, djembe, doumbek(sp?), shawm, erhu, koto, ney, sheng. Some of these are instruments I fell in love with when I took a musicology course in college. Where can I find good quality (and flexible/usable) samples of these?

    Now, I know QLRA has a lot to offer. I own QLRI, and I know that some of the samples are reused in RA. But RA has quite a few new things added onto it. I'd like to hear some unbiased opinions of RA. How is it? Are the samples good? Do they work pretty well out of the box? Any disappointments? Are the samples dry, or is there reverb built in? (I hate when samples do that..I'd rather have full control over the mix)

    Also feel free to recommend other ethnic libs that have instruments that RA doesn't cover. I'm open to anything, as long as it's good.

    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    Hi Sam - Samples are rather dry if I recall correctly. Not as dry as Ethno World, but still craving for quite a bit of verb when used in an orchestral setting.

    In short if you liked RI you will like RA and vice versa. I own both as well, and was slightly underwhelmed, but still happy with it.

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    Sam, almost all the instruments you've mentioned are in RA. There's a Doko Dumbek in SD.

    The instruments in RA are fantastic, the samples dont have verb in them, but they're not sterile either.

    Also, the keyswitches are great, instruments like shamisen have trill keyswitches and note bends. Its quite simple to mockup a convincing sounding instrument in a short time.

    Hope that helps,

    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA


    If you've studied these instruments, RA will, in some ways, bring you back to your glory days

    The best part about it are the great choices of articulations in the instruments. Are they perfect? Nah, but most world music(s) are such subtle intricate arts it'd be impossible to nail everything, but it does do a great job.

    I don't own any other libs however, so I have nothing to compare it to.

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    It's pretty good. It definitely covers the bases you're hoping to cover, and it's quite playable. As others have mentioned, it's not exhaustive but the selection of articulations is very useful and it's possible to get quite a convincing sound out of RA.

    Samples are dry, and will not knock your socks off out of the box. I've got EWQLSO Platinum, and I was a little disappointed at how much tweaking is required to integrate into the orchestral lib.

    For what you get, $1000 is a little steep, but with that holiday sale going on now, it's a bit more reasonable.

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    Great.. thanks a lot for your input, guys. I think with the EW sale going on, I might pick this up. I DO like the fact that it's dry out of the box. Like I said, I like applying my own reverb and EQ'ing to my stuff.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't have the Chinese sheng. No shawm either..but.. if I remember right, the zourna sounds very similar. But that's OK. I see other things I didn't mention that are worth drooling over, like the djembe ensemble (ENSEMBLE? nice) and oud. For the Indian instruments, I would've liked to see some more southern sounds (veena, mridangam) as opposed to the typical northern sitar and tablas.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Wanted: an honest opinion of QLRA

    I would have liked a P'ipa!

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