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Topic: OT - A video for your kids

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    OT - A video for your kids (New one added 3/20/07)

    Here's a cute animated video that my wife Roseann designed for one of my tunes - The Elephant Song.

    In a sense it's just a demo, and we'd like to have the same idea done better someday, but then again, it's kind of meant to be a simple thing as if imagined or drawn by a child. In any case, enjoy!

    If you like it, please feel free to pass around the link to your friends with kids.

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    Re: OT - A video for your kids

    I don't know- if you made it "better" it could lose all its charm and personality. I like it how it is!

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    Damit Eric you have the best job! Like Fred said don't change it at all!

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    Talking Re: OT - A video for your kids

    It's purrrbark oops I mean purradoodledo, no I mean purrrrrrfect the way it is


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    Thumbs up Re: OT - A video for your kids

    I like it!
    I'll send it to my little sisters, I bet they'll love it!
    Don't improve on it! Pleeeeze?
    It's great!!

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    Re: OT - A video for your kids

    It's creative and very charming.

    As I am a Republican, I like elephants too!

    Good work!


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Smile Re: OT - A video for your kids

    Fred has this one nailed, Eric. Don't change this, it is bursting with personality and color. Great, great stuff!

    Is that child on the song your son? He did a superb job also!

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    Re: OT - A video for your kids

    Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you like it so much. We won't change it but for a little color tweaking here and there.

    The child's voice is a girl we knew from WNY, though my 3 year-old daughter now does that part in essence when I perform it live.

    (The liking of elephants and the donkey wearing an elephant nose is in no way meant to endorse or mock any political party. My name is Eric Herman and I approved this message. )
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: OT - A video for your kids

    I loved the video! Great job, it was hilarious! The illustrations are awesome. I give it two thumbs up!
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    Re: OT - A video for your kids

    That was absolutely adorable! I'm going to eat my graham crackers and milk now. Has anyone seen my carpet square?!?

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