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Topic: Advanced Reverb Questions (Looking for some insights)

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    Advanced Reverb Questions (Looking for some insights)

    Hello everyone!

    Lately I have been improving my GPO/mixing/etc. skills a lot and was able to create more convincing sounds with my sample libraries. But there remains one problem: Reverb. Although I read many articles and books on that subject and think that I understand the basics and technical background, I seem to be unable to get the sound I want.

    My reverb tends to sound muddy, dull, like hearing muffled through a wooden door or worse. Take this piece (MP3, 380KB) as an example.

    Now I worked on my mixing and my use of GPO. I played all the woodwinds manually to make them sound more human. Used ProjectSam brass (I hope this will be forgiven... Maybe GPOA will sound like this?). Used 3 Solo instruments layered ontop of each string section. Made heavy use of the VAR1 and VAR2 controllers (They do wonders on the strings! Amazing!). EQ'd. Made Submixes with audio channel automation of each group. Etc. etc.. This is the new version (480KB, OGG). And while being better, it still sound like heard through a bathroom door.

    To make a long story short: How in the world are you able to create those wonderfully balanced mixes with these silky-smooth and un-muffled, yet still strongly present reverbs? Would you mind sharing a few tips with me? Do you need a "better" (reads: expensive) reverb than e.g. SIR or Ambience? Special EQ'ing before/after the reverb? How do you make an instrument sound very up-close and clear, while having that wonderful airy reverb tail of 1 second?

    My problem seems to be: Either the reverb is not present or it alters the sound to a terribly muffled mess.
    Greetings from Vienna!
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    Re: Advanced Reverb Questions (Looking for some insights)

    I think you should take another look at your orchestration and mix rather than reverb. You have a lot of heavy sustained instruments. Maybe consider orchestrating brass with syncopated accents rather than sustains on the downbeat? Also you start building a cresecendo on a pretty large sound already. You don't give yourself much room for the crescendo that way. Maybe a little "weeding" and re-arranging might help?

    Just my 2 cents.

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