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Topic: Kinda OT, but please help !

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    Kinda OT, but please help !

    I am posting here out of desperation even though I realise that this forum is not exactly the proper place for that, but after you\' ll have read on I hope you all understand.

    I have purchased my Giga set up (GIgaDAW TK1) through Sound Chaser, in California. I have been dealing with them throughout the summer for various issues, and long story short, I have been issued some credit for some gear I had to return them. A while ago, I ordered them some sounds, for which they have already charged my credit card.

    Now It is more than six weeks later and I stil not have received my sounds. I have made NUMEROUS attempts to contact them, and as of today none of my calls/ Emails have been returned. I fear for my money at this point ( credit + sounds purchased )

    I know that a lot of folks in this forum have done business with them so I thought that I\'d ask: Has anyone gotten through them recently ? Are they still in business ?

    I am just trying to find yet more patience before I really loose it and get as ugly as I possible can with them.

    *T [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kinda OT, but please help !

    Hi Tomas,

    There was a thread just a day ago talking about if Soundcasher was out of business. I don\'t think they are out of business...so don\'t worry about that yet.

    But there was at least one complaint similar to yours about the lag in response time from them.

    Short of going down to the store yourself, I don\'t know what to say if you\'ve been trying so long.

    I just wanted to say your complaints are not alone. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Keep trying, man. Good luck!!

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    Re: Kinda OT, but please help !

    Thanks guys I apreciate your support !
    You\'d think that they would let their customers know about what is going on with them, specially those whom they owe money to, right ? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]
    Anyone who knows anything that is not a rumor but a verified fact please post. I am getting insane just sitting around and waiting to hear from a bunch o\' people who owe me several hundred bucks. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Peace anyway....

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    Re: Kinda OT, but please help !

    Well, Tomas they are humans...flawed as we are. I wouldn\'t expect most people to be 100% responsible when they\'re failing (whether it be business or life in general).

    I did read on a thread today, about \"GOS library at a discouted price\" or a header like that, saying that Soundchaser will only be in business for a couple more weeks.

    So, it sounds like they are ending.

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    Re: Kinda OT, but please help !

    I think they are in some sort of transition (buyout perhaps? I don\'t know) at this point so I wouldn\'t give up just yet. I think you will get your product eventually but quite late wich is not fun.
    All the various rumors and threads and conversations point to them existing in some form and hopefully being able to take care of existing customers. No garantees of course but that is what I\'m reading into it. We\'ll see anyway.
    Good luck

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    Re: Kinda OT, but please help !

    Originally posted by Marty:
    Well, Tomas they are humans...flawed as we are. I wouldn\'t expect most people to be 100% responsible when they\'re failing (whether it be business or life in general).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey ! Nothing wrong about \"failing\" (whatever that means). I do that myself on a daily basis and I understand that it doesn\'t mean anything about anything in the whole universe. I have no anger about that in itself.

    What I am pissed of about though is the total lack of communication on their side.They happily took my money and basically vanished as far as I am concerned. I am not saying that they are responsible ( as in \"guilty\" ) about the fact that they are going out of business or so it seems. I am saying that the are responsible ( as in acknowledging what is so and taking the appropriate actions ) for their business conduct, and their conduct as decent citizens.
    For them not to inform their creditor customers about their present situation is lame, to say the least.

    Excuse me ranting but I still can\'t just not feel pissed when I see my money going out my shallow pocket for nothing.


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