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Topic: Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

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    Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

    My problem is that the audio that comes out of Gigastudio 2.54 at 44.1k is perfectly fine, but at 48k I get aliasing noises, especially on transients. Like very high pitched resonances. It's quite noticeable when I turn up the treble on a bass pizz or a timp sound for example.

    I initially thought this may be a clocking issue, but I've tried all varitions of master/slave - using different destinations - either into ProTools or into a Motu828 (I use a hammerfall 9632 as soundcard for the Giga PC). The bottom line is that it always sounds good at 44k but dodgy at 48k.

    Is the sound at 48k perhaps cleaner in GS3? Has anybody come across this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

    My guess is that the sample libs that you are using were sampled at 44.1 kHz. If so, it's better to stay in 44.1, and convert to 48 kHz as needed after the mixdown.


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    Re: Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

    I agree. Check the original clock of the sample libraries. You will very definitely get less quality out of any library or sampler at a non-native clock speed, because the realtime aspect of samplers will not allow a great deal of buffering with which to run a very sophisticated resampling algorithm.

    They're essentially having to resample in a millisecond or two, no matter how many different notes (essentially recorded files) you are simultaneously playing. Not much thinking time for the processor!!!

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    Re: Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

    In a vein similar to Jon and Bruce's comments, and yet different , you might be able to fix your problem if you have a better-quality master clock running your overall rig (like an Apogee Big Ben).

    When using higher sample rates, it's best to do 88.2 because that's a simple multiple of 44.1, and therefore, much simpler math when it comes to downsampling/dither/etc for the final product. Converting from 48/96 KHz to 44.1, or the other way round, involves some pretty ugly calculations.
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    Re: Gigastudio not sounding clean at 48k

    Thanks for the advice everyone. It's interesting though that Logic's EXS24 plays back exactly the same libraries (that are indeed recorded at 44.1k) absolutely clean at 48k. Has Gigastudio got an inferior engine in that case?


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