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Topic: Random Glitches and stuck notes during playback

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    Random glitches and stuck notes during playback

    I recently installed the JABB library. I use Sonar as the sequencer. The library plays OK but randomly there are some glitches, esp when I play the keyboard or notes that get stuck in the Kontakt player keyoboard (the sound is stopped but the key is shown pressed in the GUI) and some notes randomly missed when I play the keyoboard. This is new to me and never had happened in other soft synth, including GPO which I also own. I tried both the VST and the DXi versions and they both behave the same way. I have plenty of resources P4 3.2 GHz 1 Gig RAM and a ESI card running at 8 msec latency. The whole system has been working flawlessly for all other soft synths.
    Has anybody have similar experience with this and could anyone tell me how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Random Glitches and stuck notes during playback

    OK, so I guess no clues, here

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    Re: Random Glitches and stuck notes during playback

    I have Kontakt 2 and have seen the "stuck key" it does not seem to have any bearing on the sound. If you click the key with your mouse it will come back up. I use Overture 4 and have not had any missed notes, but I'm such a bad keyboard player that I would blame myself.

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    Unhappy Re: Random Glitches and stuck notes during playback

    Thanks Collin for your feedback. Actually and by further investigation the issue, the problem is much larger thatn I defined in here, this is a copy of the message I sent out to Garritan support in case that someone has some exprience with similar problems. Very frustrated indeed with the use of this new library, a shame since I like the Garritan products very much:

    I recently purchased and installed JABB library on my computer. The following is my setup:

    Computer: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 1 Gig RAM, Windows HP Home Edition
    Sound Card: ESI Quatafire 610, operating at either WDM or ASIO 2.0
    Sequencer: Sonar Home Studio 4
    MIDI controller: YAMA-HA B2

    I'm having two problems:

    1. When playing the library in Sonar, I hear glitches or some notes played are skipped randomly and not continuously. I can alse see that sometimes the notes are stuck in the GUI keyboard, it doesn't affect the sound so the only way to release the note is to press the specific note on the Kontakt player GUI. But what the real problem is that once this happens, then even closing the project and Sonar any other project including the ones that do not have the JABB library inserted show glitches during playback. Even when I reboot my computer and reset my soundcard and open any sequencer tutorial with just audio tracks, the glitches continue in any project. The only way of reverting this situation is by doing a system restore to the point before the library was installed. I tried re-installing the library and the problem persists. Then I tried to install the VST and the DXi versions without the library and all the projects work fine. As soon as I install the library the problem starts again if I use the library again in the projects. I have also found that after restoring the computer the problem re-occur if I select certain patches such as the Drums. I tried installing and using only either the VST version and the DXi version separately but the problem is the same. So right now I cannot use the library. Just for information I have also GPO installed and tried to install the JABB library in a different hard drive but didn't work either. GPO works fine.
    I also tried different audio options settings but latency settings doesn't seem to solve the problem.
    I have never had a similar problem with any other sample library installed which I have several working flawlessly so because of this and of the fact that problems start only after installing the library I discard there is something wrong with my system.

    2) The second problem is that I don't seem to be able to playback some samples in lower pitches, meaning that for example bass samples are mapped in a way such that the lowest pitch in my MIDI controller doesn't allow me to reach the low end pitches of the sample. I tried decreasing pitch setting on the MIDI track but this does not have effect for playback from the MIDI controller, only applies the pitch changes to the MIDI track playback itself. Any other library allows me to change the pitch in the MIDI track and be able to hear the chnage also when I play the keyboard.

    So this is where it stands , right now I am very frustrated, I was looking forward to use this excellent library but ended up by spending several hours trying to solve these issues without success.

    Hopefully you can provide advice to be able to solve them or I will have to say that my purchase was worthless.

    Thanks in advance. "

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