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Topic: Missing instrument files / one string only

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    Question Missing instrument files / one string only

    Hello, it's me again.

    I'm finally getting somewhere - I can at least get some sound out of the orchestra, which is a good start.

    I still have two problems, however:

    1) None of the Steinways nor the Plenum pipe organ (wet or dry) are "there" - or at least, they're missing something and so will not load. I get a "could not find sample" message. I'm not sure if this means that my disk 2 was faulty after all, or if there is another explanation.

    2) As noted, I am using a guitar to MIDI setup (Brian Moore with RMC pickups into a Roland GI-20). I'm only getting playback on the bottom string, at best, sometimes only a few frets. I do understand to some degree the necessity of moving around the highlit keys with the octave controls, and that only those will play. *That works with my keyboard.* But for some reason, with my guitar, even when I can clearly see a key in the highlit area being played, if it is not on the bottom string there is no sound playing back (or extremely minimal). (And just to be clear: my MIDI system is converting the other strings in all my other softsynths; this problem is unique to GPO.)

    I'm liking the sounds, I'm just not getting much access to them yet.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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    Re: Missing instrument files / one string only

    On another list and in another connection, I read about global channels. This sounds like it may be related to my "one string" problem, since I am only getting playback from one channel. Is there a setting on the NI player to make sure I have global settings (especially for mod)? Would that be my problem?

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    Re: Missing instrument files / one string only

    An update: on the GI-20, I have the option of Mono or Poly mode. I do get usage of all the strings in Poly mode, because it sends all the data to a single channel. This is something, but it is still not very good, because Poly mode is so limited (I can't pan differently for different instruments etc). So it does seem to be a channel problem, but I haven't yet narrowed down the real solution to take advantage of the power of GPO. Still hoping someone can help.

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    Re: Missing instrument files / one string only

    Yay, I figured out the channel issue. Found that little MIDI connector icon, changed the number from 1 to Omni, and presto! all the strings play.

    But I still need my Steinway and Plenum....

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