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Topic: GPO Knowledge Base

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    GPO Knowledge Base

    Due to relentless hacking attacks on the GPO Knowledge Base it is now gone.

    I'm sorry I had to take this decision because I know a lot of people found this useful but until ISP's are either willing or forced to take these events seriously I will not waste any more of my time trying to keep this service alive.

    Feeling totally scunnered (see link)


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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan
    Due to relentless hacking attacks on the GPO Knowledge Base it is now gone.
    What a shame. What was the nature of the attacks? If you don't wish to discuss it publicly feel free to send me a private message.

    Thanks for the effort you've put into this. How odd that some people feel the need to spend their precious time being anonymously destructive. What a perverse kind of hacker satisfaction there must be in harming people you don't even know.


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    Unhappy Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Thanks Tony for all your hard work.
    I appreciate the time that must go into mantaining the Knowlege base,to see it go to waste is a plain shame.
    One Stand up Guy such as yourself is Worth a thousand time what a bug like that is worth, who has nothing better to do than to spoil it for the rest of us.
    Thanks so Much for all your efforts!!!
    Maybe sometime in the future there will be better protection in Place for Bug SQUAWSHING.
    Thank you & take care.


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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base


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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan
    Due to relentless hacking attacks on the GPO Knowledge Base it is now gone.
    Well, it is unfortunately, a sign of the times. I do not understand it. I find not any difference between such activity and wandering around breaking windows or smashing up parked cars. It does a lot of harm to the web, and may eventually be the cause of the end of it, because of the cumbersome, tedious and expensive defense activies we must pursue to avoid it. It certainly is one of the reasons I have not set up my own site.

    Whatever form it may take, vandalism is vandalism, and is not a thing to be proud of. It is time for serious action to prevent it and enforcement action that is vigorous and puntive enough to be a deterrent.


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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    What a shame! Tony, please let me thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. I was searching around in your knowledgebase earlier this week and it provided me with the infos I needed to fix my current GPO-problems. Your work I most appreciated by me.

    As for the hacking that goes on today: Richard, I understand your viewpoint, although I do not entirely share it. I think that you can not extinguish fire with fire.

    The extreme hacking that goes on nowadays is a sign of how our worldwide culture is going awry. If you look at a "real world" example: Today we have many young people without anything to do, mostly without perspective, good education or hope (Unfortunately these go together...). When young people like this are bored they start doing stupid things (i.e.: Breaking park benches, shop windows, stealing, drugs, etc... or hacking websites for the fun, challenge and the litte hollow gratification that goes with hurting some anonymous other person). I see these people sitting around, not being able to pull themselves together and do something constructive. A sad thing...

    Maybe you are not that wrong after all... But I still think that preventing kids from going down that route would be more helpful than any severe punishment. Understanding is always better than getting terrorized. I know this because I never got the luxury of being accepted or understood, especially not from my parents and I will have to fight my whole life to get an at least moderately normal life back.

    Still: If you have a website, you need to learn to protect yourself, which can be quite annoying most of the time. It's not the wonderful new world out there anymore. It's just a normal process of life: If you want to drive a car you have to buckle up, if you use a PC you need a firewall and virus protection, if you want to have you need to protect both participating parties.

    Somehow I lost track of my point along the way. I hope you can find out what I wanted to say....
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Well, I do agree that prevention is the first line of defense. But so far, it seems to be a failure. Therefore, the next line of defense, punitive measures, must be applied. However the situation came to be, the sad fact is that it has happened, and some drastic action is required. I say this as a parent that never punished a child because I did not need to. My children were quite happy to please me (most of the time), and mild correction was always adequate. That state of affairs was not so uncommon, but something has certainly gone askew and we must now act with events as they are.


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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Quote Originally Posted by musicpete
    Today we have many young people without anything to do, mostly without perspective, good education or hope.
    My personal opinion is that the young people we are talking about have too much recreation and education freely available to them - and because it is so available, they have no respect for it. They are always looking for everything in life to be handed to them. They say "we're bored, and there's noting for kids to do around here" and then expect society to provide them with things to do - when there is nothing stopping them from getting off their backsides and entertaining themselves, except that it would take a little energy and thought.

    Go back 50 or 100 years and compare what was available with regard to education and recreation for the vast majority of people. Decent education and entertainment were almost a privelidge - so these things were respected.

    However, I am a postive sort of guy, and I think that the number of good youngsters/people vastly outweighs the number of bad - it's just that the bad are more visible and make a louder noise.
    Richard N.

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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Tony, your efforts did not go unappreciated. We're sad that things have culminated to the point where this action is necessary, but rest assured we will support you on your next endeavor.
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Re: GPO Knowledge Base

    Thanks all for the support, you've no idea how much I appreciate that. I got home yesterday after a very long day to find yet another attack on the knowledge base. These attacks have been happening almost daily for the past month and mostly take the form of a SQL injection. More info on that here;


    I have been battling to a) prevent this by amending the source code and b) tracking this guy down.

    I know he lives in England and I know his service provider, he also uses Google gmail as part of his attack. I have repeatedly contacted Google and his service provider but all I get are automated email returns (no big surprise there). Being on a dynamically assigned IP address I can't ban him.

    I am spending more and more time fighting this guy and I just can't afford that. So, I am working on a new application which hopefully will be more hack proof and I should have this up and running within a few days.

    I will not get on the soapbox and rant about who is to blame or why someone would be motivated enough to carry out such vandalism. I will be moving any future projects to my own more secure server (the knowledge base lived on my ISP's server), depriving others of such a service is to give in and I won't do that.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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