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Topic: Apple Lcd compatible w/PC?

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    Apple Lcd compatible w/PC?

    Are their any Mac/PC users running their computers into one Apple Lcd monitor? I\'m currently running my computers into a Sony monitor and I would like to switch to the Apple Lcd.


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    Re: Apple Lcd compatible w/PC?

    I\'m using a 22\" cinema display with a Powermac G4 and my Giga PC. I got a matrox video card for the PC that had a DVI connection and have a Gefen DVI Switcher that is connected to my Cinema display..then goes out to both computers. Pretty simple stuff with the Gefen box.
    Hope this helps.
    Gefen Systems in Woodland Hills, CA-818/884-6294
    also on the web at www.gefen.com, or
    www. gefensystems.com..not sure but I think one of those web addresses

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    Re: Apple Lcd compatible w/PC?

    Thanks Bmiller.

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