I'm trying to modify some patches in GS3 (I've always been a Kontakt man... so bear with me) and am finding I'm not getting the Filter controlled by CC to react the way I want. And the manual is lacking in this area.

In quick edit, I assign the Filter cutoff to (say) the modulation wheel and when I play the patch, I only get the filter to work in a static fashion... let me explain:

When I play notes, I want to open up the filter in real-time... however, what's happening is that I can only adjust the filter cutoff before the note is played... then while the note is playing there is no change. In other words, the filter moves are not being followed as the notes are being played.... it just tells the note to start playing at a certain cutoff frequency.

How can I get GS3 to allow me to play the filter real-time during a note?