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Topic: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

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    Smile Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique


    This new sample library by ProjectSAM features a beautifully sampled, intimate and, at times, eerie sounding church organ, covering seven distinct keyboard stops, three bass stops and, as you have come to expect of ProjectSAM, a range of unique special effects.

    The organ with a mysterious past
    SAM Organ Mystique is located in a church near a small Dutch village. During WOII, a German airplane crashed into the church, tearing down the front part and killing brave members of the resistance. Although beautifully restored, some of the walls still bear the scars of this sad, historic day. The villagers say, when the organ is played, you can still hear it weep for the fallen soldiers of 1944.

    SAM Organ Mystique offers two microphone distances: close (3m) and far (10m). The entire library is offered in 24-bit in Gigastudio 3.0, HALion 2, EXS24mkII and Kontakt 1.5 formats.

    The following stops were sampled: Hol-Flute 8’, Octave 2’, Rohr Flute 4’, Tutti, Tutti Vibrato, Vibrato, Viola 8’, Bass 8', Sub Bass 16' and Bass + Sub Bass. All samples are looped and have realistic release decays triggering the natural reverberation of the church environment.

    A first series of music demos can be found here. More demos will follow soon.

    SAM Organ Mystique can now be pre-ordered at an introductionary pricing of €119. This pricing will run until December 31st.

    SAM Organ Mystique will start shipping next week.

    Direct information link
    Direct ordering link

    ProjectSAM - Rich Orchestral Sampling

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    Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    This is gorgeous sounding! I was wondering what you guys were up too... great work!!

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    Thumbs up Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    Congratulations boys! Wonderful sound, great package and one bad azz banner
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    Thanks guys!

    There will be more demos showing more of the sampled stops soon.

    Best regards,

    Creative Director
    Cinematic Sampling

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    Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    Demo sounds very nice!

    Congratulations with your new release.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    Hey all,

    SAM Organ Mystique is now shipping.

    And is still priced € 119.99!


    Creative Director
    Cinematic Sampling

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    Re: Announcing: SAM Organ Mystique

    Congratulations on the release and may you have much success with SAM Organ Mystique.

    Gary Garritan

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