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Topic: Eggs on my face...

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    Eggs on my face...

    After posting in defence of GS many times I feel stupid to have the problems I am having now. Please forgive me.
    Started about a month-ago, while making edits to my MIDI files in Home Studio 2004, some notes appeared without being trigered by me, and only stopped when I reset the sequencer. It looks that when I start working all is fine for a while, then there it is, a note appears and then it comes more and more often. Finally I get so frustrated I have to quit and shut down.
    I am running XP Home, P4/3, GS and Homestudio on one drive, samples on an other drive, no garbage programs or Internet connection on this PC, GS is 3.12 Orchestra, all the recommended tweaking were done. HomeStudio was deleted and reinstalled as Cakewalk recommendation.
    If you would suspect GS to be the problem, please include in your advise how I should re-install without going to Tascam, if this is possible.
    Going bananas...



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    Re: Eggs on my face...

    Hey Ted, Try defragging your system drive and make sure that the MFT is large enough for your application. A lot of my "house calls" for mysterious problems are solved this way. Diskeeper 9 is a great program for defragging and making this adjustment (the defragger that comes with XP sucks!). I also use Norton WinDoctor (run from the CD only...PLEASE never install Norton on a music machine!) to eliminate DirectX problems and Registry Mechanic to straighten out the registry. It's interesting to note that the last two programs will find 30+ problems on a brand new installation of XP. If that doesn't get it done try wiping the Database from your C>Program files>Tascam>Giga>db folder (just the files, not the back folder) and then all the files in the back folder...emptying the recycle bin and then letting GS rebuild the database usually takes care of MIDI problems within GS. Hope this helps...of course it could be that your MIDI interface is going south too, but it sounds like something that's building over time so I'd try step one. Cheers, jc

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    Re: Eggs on my face...

    Hello jc:

    Thanks for giving back my confidence that this forum has compassionate and very smart members. I almost lost all hopes.
    I will try your suggestions and if you do not mind, I'll report back.
    On an other forum someone pointed a finger to Nero, as a bad actor. To be safe, I dumped it and for one hour of work I did not get a stucked note. I do not know yet if this is a freak or real fix.
    Thanks again for your answer..


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