I've just bought recently Opus 2, Horizon Harps, Solo Strings
and Oboes, and also the Gold Pro upgrade....I've received some advances from work for new samples for the following year and wanted some advice please. With all this talk of 24 bit libraries and the Vienna Instruments...would I be crazy to look at the Horizon Epic Horns/ Woodwinds ensembles or Kirk Hunter Emerald...I'm sure they're all great but in some ways it makes me feel I am not progressing and that I'm spending money on old technology? with VSL Epic ( 16 bit) and Emerald( 16 bit) am I just repeating samples I already basically have in Gold Pro( 16 bit)?? For the guys out there using these libraries...what are your thoughts please? I run Logic 7 with 1.8 dual G5. As we all get in these exciting times of a great supply of good quality libraries, I'm a little confused and perplexed as to whether I should wait and invest my money in future 24 bit libraries like Vienna .....to be honest...too much money for me really...would I be better off with KH Emerald/ VSL Epic Horns/ VSL Woodwinds with the great prices for the Horizon libraries right now?? I'm also looking at True Stike Giga 2.5
( 16 bit) converting over to EXS 24 as I had some issues with 3.2 True Strike Halion Player...is this a good way to go? True Strike is it great? I really wanted True Strike in 24 bit but had no luck with it in Logic with the Halion Player...so frustrating.

Sorry for such a loaded question...just need some hands on experience of these libraries before I spend anymore on goodies...