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Topic: New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???

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    Talking New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???

    Hi Guys

    Because you are my first line of trusted confidants, I have this quesrion for you. I have been blessed with a new MOBO and will be migrating my system.

    I have a huge question however, and ask all of you who know me to please chime in and give me your wisdom and the gift of your experience.

    I am migrating to a new MOBO etc,..... nice right? sure.

    But what I want to know is when you guys have done this, have you done a total system update with all of your 83 software validations, or have you been able to take your c drive and place it in the new computer and simply update the MOBO drivers etc.

    Redoing everything for me would mean hours upon hours (days) of reloading programs, samples, updates, authorizations etc.

    I have been told by a reliable source that I can simply move my drive to the new machine and update my drivers etc. as needed. I would like to hear from the rest of you however, because you are all important resources fro me.

    I am not interested in mere opinins, but more so in practical experience and what you, my peers have done etc.

    Spectrum and other developers, I would be most appreciative of your input as well on this issue since your products are obviously involved.

    Thanks to all.


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    Re: New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???

    We're talking XP, right?? Hate to say this but I blast the drive and start over. It's a pain but that way I'm sure. In theory yes, you probably can get away with not doing that for a MOBO change, but I don't have that much stuff to validate and like I said it's more assured that things will be stable.

    You can lways do it the simple way first and see if things work. If they do great, if not you're no worse off than if you had reformatted to start with... but in my experience you must be prepared to start over. (BTW this only applies to my system drive, not my data drive wich stays seperate.)

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    Re: New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    I A lot of those authorizations are probably going to be keyed to the MOBO, or the ethernet services on the board.
    D'oh!! That's right.

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    Re: New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???

    I agree that there are a few approaches. The first would be to leave your system intact and only move ahead with a major overhaul. You could build a new system if you have all of the parts and dedicate it to another task. So you end up with two machines.

    If you are going to move forward with this change, then I would prepare for the complete fresh install. However, it is possible to move a hard drive from one system to another and use it as the system drive. There is even a program out there that I have seen (cannot recall the name) that will ensure a smooth transition. BUT, with an audio system that needs to be stable and consistent, I would not recommend this option. It may work for a few days or months and then mysterious problems could start and then you waste more time then than you could have saved now by just going with a fresh install.

    Good luck.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Talking Re: New MOBO-----older system/program drive--What to do???


    Well I have to say, the advice I'm getting from you guys(my pals), is a bit different than I'm getting from a few developers and others.

    I have now proceeded to use my "C" drive from my "old MOBO and system" to the "MOBO and system".......... and I got news for ya........ it seems to work.

    A few drivers have asked for reinstallation etc., ....however, my many plugs and Vsti's have been very cooperative thus far and have NOT been the pain in the asssss that I thought they'd be.

    My testing of all my plugs and Vsti's is FAR from complete,....... however, I am grateful beyond expression that (thus far); I have not had to start from a "new system" and the 88 gigs of Vsti's , and other plugs that would otherwise taken me 3 days to reinstall.

    So,...... as much as I appreciate the advice I have received regarding a "clean install",.......... I am even more appreciative,(for now)that my "C" drive was simply able to "thus far", accept the replacement of my MOBO etc. , with the relatively easy tasks of simply replacing my MOBO's Intel chipset drivers etc.

    SO ,.....I am far from considering myself "out of the woods" insofar as the mandatory "clean install" advice goes( which is undoubtedly the safest and most conservative way to go),...

    ...... but I am even more grateful for the lack of necessity to have to re-installl the infinite number of "Gigs, samples and re-authorizations", that I would normally have to endure in this type of situation.

    So...Anyone else who has done this succesfully ,..... OR had disasterous results, PLEASE chime in and give me the benefit of your experience.


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